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LawConnect allows clients to securely sign, view and comment on documents online

Easily work from home with LawConnect, the leading secure document management system for law firms and their clients. Clients can sign in to view the important documents your lawyer has shared. LawConnect is free for you to use.

Safe Documents

LawConnect stores its data on servers provided by Amazon Web Services and is safer than email. Sending confidential documents by email exposes you to risks like hacking. LawConnect documents aren’t emailed. They’re stored in the right matter, accessed only by people with permission.

Work remotely

You can sign in to LawConnect and view,
collaborate and share your documents from anywhere in the world, at anytime, whether you’re on a computer or mobile device. Signing in to LawConnect is simple and quick. You can even use your Facebook or Google account.

Greater Collaboration

Collaborate on documents with clients, lawyers and other parties with LawConnect’s Comment and Reply feature. Document integrity is maintained and there’s no limit to the number of comments and replies, making it ideal for reviewing and refining a document without back and forth emails.

Getting started with LawConnect is quick and easy