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LawConnect gives clients the power to review, comment on and sign documents, access trust ledgers and pay invoices, all in one place.

Collaborate from your mobile device with LawConnect, the leading document collaboration tool for law firms and clients. LawConnect is free to use and allows you to securely upload and access documents your lawyer has shared with you.

Easy & Safe Document Sharing

LawConnect stores its data on servers provided by Amazon Web Services and is safer than email. The Comment & Reply feature allows you to review and refine a document without back and forth email, making collaboration easy.

On-the-go Collaboration

View and share your documents from anywhere at any time, whether you’re on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Signing in to LawConnect is simple—you can even use your Facebook or Google account.

Invoices & Trust Accounts

Instantly access, view and download your trust ledger statements. View prior and current invoices and pay outstanding bills instantly from the document with Rapid Pay.

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